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First, remember the “outcome” you seek. This is usually a meeting, so only pitch enough detail to get interest to have that meeting! Don’t over do it, keep it simple, and ask for the meeting (or other outcome you need)

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Original by Stuart Skorman. Edited for use in this blog about Mentors in Entrepreneurship. Finding a mentor is the best way to learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Mentors can teach you the ins and outs of a business and be helpful role models.  Consider these tips:  Know you need a mentor.  The more…

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Running the emotional rollercoaster

Original by Stuart Skorman. Edited for use in this blog about emotions in Entrepreneurship. Starting a business often comes with strong emotions. Joy is often present when starting a business. Call it happiness, exhilaration, or excitement. All can be helpful, but joy shouldn’t be the base of your emotional foundation. Ultimately business decisions need to…

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The Six Skills of extraordinary Entrepreneurs

By AMY WILKINSON What makes some people stand out, even in an extraordinary crowd? Stanford Graduate School of Businesses lecturer Amy Wilkinson interviewed over 200 of the world’s top entrepreneurs to find out. 1. 1:28 Spots the gaps. Example; 2:02 Under armour. 2. 3:33 Drive for daylight. Example; 4:09 Airbnb. 3. 5:42 Fly the ODDA…

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10 reasons to keep your job and be an entrepreneur at night

1. Contacts  Your current work environment probably gives you immediate access to lots of people (prospective customers, experts, support). You lose some of this when you quit.  2. Cash flow  Every entrepreneur is optimistic; your business will take twice as long as you think to become profitable. Keep the job cash coming in, even if…

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DO’S AND DONT’S FOR starting a Business

By Stuart Skorman During my career, I’ve started four intentional businesses and a couple of unintentional ones. Through it all, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to pick a winner. Here is some food for thought: Base your decision on logic, not emotion. Many people let feelings and passion steer them toward a…

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10 mistakes that kill Entrepreneurial companies

1. Getting wedded to an idea and sticking with it too long. Don’t marry a single idea. Remember, ideas are the currency of entrepreneurs. Play with many ideas and see which ones bring money and success. 2. Trying to be something other than an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs.You’ll give yourself a hernia if you try…

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ENTREPRENEURIAL QUOTES: Entrepreneurs by Peter Drucker

‘Anyone who can face up to decision making can learnto be an entrepreneur and behave entrepreneurially . . .Entrepreneurship is a behavior rather than apersonality trait. In 30 years I have seen people of mostdiverse personalities and temperaments perform wellin entrepreneurial challenges. Some entrepreneurs areegocentric and others are painfully correct conformists.Some are fat and some…

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‘You look at things and ask – why?but I dream of things that never were and ask – why not?’George Bernard Shaw ‘The starting point of great success and achievement hasalways been the same. It is for you to dream big dreams.There is nothing more important, and nothing that worksfaster than for you to cast…

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