10 reasons to keep your job and be an entrepreneur at night

1. Contacts 

Your current work environment probably gives you immediate access to lots of people (prospective customers, experts, support). You lose some of this when you quit. 

2. Cash flow 

Every entrepreneur is optimistic; your business will take twice as long as you think to become profitable. Keep the job cash coming in, even if it appears “so small” compared to what you”plan” to be making. 

3. Momentum 

Most work environments provide a pace, a routine, and a flow. You’ll lose this quickly when you’re on your own. 

4. Support 

Better to start your business while still working at a straight job because you need the love and support that coworkers can provide, given that starting a small business is stressful and often fear-producing. 

5. Integrity 

Keeping the paycheck coming in is right unless you have two to three years of cash in the bank. The moment you put yourself at unnecessary financial risk. You’ll likely attract nasty surprises and setbacks. Not fair, but often true. 

6. Equipment 

Often you can use the software, computers, copy machines, faxes, etc., at your office, thus saving you money as you start your company. 

7. Time to test out your product or service 

Most businesses fail, so don’t think you’re more significant than the statistics! Give yourself plenty of time to experiment, test and improve your idea or product to the point that it sells itself. You need time to make your product or service viable. 

8. Networking opportunities 

Now that you know you’re going to start a business, every meeting, conference, or get-together now serves two purposes­ your straight job and your new business. 

9. Structure 

Sometimes, you need the structure of your regular job to help you transition to the self-structuring of your entrepreneurial job. 

10. Inside information 

It’s much easier to stay in touch with the industry and the business world within a big company than within a start-up organization. Larger companies have access to much more information than small organizations do. You may need that information. 

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