The Six Skills of extraordinary Entrepreneurs


What makes some people stand out, even in an extraordinary crowd? Stanford Graduate School of Businesses lecturer Amy Wilkinson interviewed over 200 of the world’s top entrepreneurs to find out.

1. 1:28 Spots the gaps.

Example; 2:02 Under armour.

2. 3:33 Drive for daylight.

Example; 4:09 Airbnb.

3. 5:42 Fly the ODDA LOOP.(‘OODA’= Observe Orient Decide Act)

Example; 7:07 PayPal.

4. 8:40 Fail wisely.

Example; 9:32 Stella and dot.

5. 10:18 Network minds.

Example; 11:11 General electrics.

6. 13:21 Gifting small goods.

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