DONT Follow your passion?

In my book and this blog, I seek to challenge you the reader to consider your base motivations and try to match those to the life as an entrepreneur, some thought logic explores your own “passions” along with much more.

I wanted to point out that trying to make a business out of one’s passion seems logical but is not directly correlated.

I think you should know yourself as much as you can, understand what you love to do, and what you are less well suited to doing, and then decide if being an entrepreneur is right for you.

Not that you blindly think of a passion and then follow that as your career or as the basis for your entrepreneurial endeavors!

…the conventional wisdom on career success—follow your passion—is seriously flawed.

Cal Newport, So good they can’t ignore you

This is explained in the book by Cal Newport, and I agree with his conclusions that simply following a passion will not “automagically” make you happy, fulfilled, or well paid. Often making your passion or hobby into a business kills your love of it, or it just doesn’t make economic sense.

Remember that the aim of the self-examination process is to understand yourself better, to explore how you want to proceed with your life right now and how well that matches with your entrepreneurial ambitions.

In these posts I ask you to explore your vision and mission for life and that’s part of the process of finding out what some of your interest and “passions” are, and that is what I am referring to above when i suggest that your passions are a part of the self discovery process.

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