The need to contribute to others first…

Ever heard the expression “what goes around comes around”?

I believe that if you contribute to society, and your local community, in your own unique way that the “universe” will reward you in return, I don’t contribute for that reason it’s just what I have observed.

As an entrepreneur, you will need all the help you can get, from funding to employees to customers, and much more good luck besides. It may seem odd to recommend helping others when you will be so busy trying to run your own enterprise, but it’s essential in my view!

Let me tell you a little about myself and my experiences. I was always a “listener”, even as a child when kids would often confide in me. Conversely, I was also quite shy and something of a ‘loner.’ However, I learned early on that I could make friends and help other people, not through my personality but by contribution.

I didn’t have a word for it at that age, but today it’s my watchword and what I base much of my life around. Today, I still take the time to help others by giving my time, resources, and money (this blog and book and my teaching are an example).

Over the last 30 years, I have started over half a dozen businesses; I still run three today, so I am very much a working entrepreneur. Over that time I have been blessed with a great deal of help from others, help I did not solicit, and luck from out of nowhere. In my view this was my reward from the “universe” I referred to above, it’s hard to explain, but “what goes around comes around”. I had helped others selflessly for years before, and years later when I needed it people helped me in much the same selfless way I had helped others.

These events were totally unconnected, but they happened, and they boosted me enormously as an entrepreneur.

My favorite phrase to sum up my philosophy is you get what you give”  – I find the more I give out to others, the more help I get back. Don’t think that my giving is driven by a desire to get something in return; it is not. I am just reporting a healthy consequence of my actions. If you ‘give to get’ you will not have the same results, I assure you.

I find the more people I help, the more seems to help me. I also find that the more challenging and smarter I work, the luckier I get. Finally, the more passionate and enthusiastic I am, I find I get the same response from others. Try it; you will find the same!

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