an Introduction to my Entrepreneurship series

Over this series on life as an entrepreneur, I will take you on a journey to discover what an entrepreneur is, what the research tells us, and what the prevailing myths are. I will give you an insight into what life is like for a working entrepreneur, providing stories and examples from talented entrepreneurs I have been lucky to come into contact with.

Then, together we will look at the different areas of your life and carry out a personal assessment of your potential to be happy and prosper as a working entrepreneur.

This is not an ‘all or nothing’ education, however. Whether we finish our journey together with you feeling confident to begin your new life as an entrepreneur, whether you decide to remain just as you are, or you find a great organization to work for, you are going to understand yourself and your motivations in life with new and invaluable clarity.

How to use these resources

Before we get started feel free to either follow a structured approach to learning about yourself and then deciding if you want to explore the life as an entrepreneur, or cherry pick a few of the resources to help align your life with your business ideas, or simply pick a few articles to learn more about a specific area. The materials work best as part of a process, but that trip requires some dedication and a lot of time thinking and writing – that may not be for you?

What I will say is that amount of work, and much more besides, will be required to become an entrepreneur, taking time now to understand yourself will probably save you heartache, money and pain later and also align your personal goals with those of your business. That’s the aim of the worksheets and exercises – to help you understand yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and to ensure that when you start a business everything is aligned. Or it will show you that this life is not for you at this time, or at all.

Lets get started…

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