What did you do in the holidays…any reading?

As an new lecturer at CU-Boulder I had to brush up on my re-reading of my library of entrepreneurship books!

I think I have close to 50 of them as textbooks and Kindle books. Always interesting to get so many people’s viewpoints on such a wide topic. I can relate to so many of the valuable lessons and pieces of advice as well as techniques and processes necessary to be a successful entrepreneur and business person.

I encourage anyone learning any topic to read as widely as they can on it, it’s amazing what nuggets come out of this process that help so much when actually doing the activity. I do it for everything I do, not just teaching.

As much as I love YouTube videos on how to fix things and do stuff, there’s nothing like reading several well written and organized books on a topic for getting a deeper understanding of your area of interest.

Here are just some of the books am reading in case you want to pick any of them up.

Here is the full reading list

P.S. It’s often way cheaper to buy these secondhand, cheaper than Kindle or new.

Oh and we did get a bit of eating, drinking and having fun as well to be honest…

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