How to create a motivational Dream Wall

One of the sales people that works for me was having a few troubles getting “psyched up” to make cold calls to prospects and we sat down to discuss how he was feeling. After a short while I decided he simply needed to do two things – to be clear on his personal and business goals and to have something to motivate him daily.

The daily motivation can be very important not just for sales staff but also small startup teams who often work alone or in small silo’s and after the honeymoon period has worn off settle down to many years of very hard work!

A Dream Wall (for those of us that are visually orientated) is great way of motivating yourself daily to what your deepest dreams and desires. 

What is a Dream Wall

A Dream Wall can be whatever you want but generally it is made up of images of the achievements or goals you wish to experience in reality. These can be short or long term goals but they want to be orientated around “visceral” things or experiences that you can get into pictorial form.

For example in the image above we have places, things, experiences, homes, books etc that signify various goals. This can also be poetry, quotes, affirmations, spiritual sayings, pictures of loved ones, people you admire or a person you would like to have in your life or whatever makes you motivated and excited about your future!

The images are designed to really make the viewer excited and remind them of the “why” in their day. Why do you get out of bed every day? well this “wall” should remind you why!

So why bother to do this?

Well the process of creating the wall can be very valuable in itself, it makes you go through a goal setting process and to consider your needs, wants and desires. It helps you choose the really important ones and it reminds you about the “why”. Then it stands as a reminder from then on when you are lacking motivation or are having a hard time why you do what you do.

You will probably know that if you engage several of your senses into recalling something i.e. looking at a picture, writing down the experience associated with it, thinking deeply about it that your memory will be far stronger around that goal than simply putting it on paper. Then if you regularly review the images and words associated with your goal you are reinforcing that memory more and more.

So this is essentially a process of focusing you and then reinforcing yourself later.

Creating your own Dream Wall

To practically go through this process you can have a virtual or physical board (like a pin board). In my case I have it on my PC as an image that I can add and change the pictures I have found from my own photo album, or on the internet or in magazines. Once you have located these pictures, cut them out or print them out for the pin board or make a collage like above.

Then place them in a place where you can easily view them in all of their glory each day. This is now your own Dream Wall. The place where you come to look at your dreams.

“Seeing is believing” as the saying goes.  The world is full of distractions, and it’s really hard to stay focused on your dreams.  That’s why it’s so important to have reminders all around you of why you are doing what you are doing. 

If you have limited space or are in an inflexible “cube” at work then why not type out some goals and stick them on your computer.  Or make a photo collage of your family, goals and dreams and put it in a little frame on your desk. 

How to use your Dream Wall

Don’t go to the effort of making this “wall” and then hide it away – it’s very purpose is to in your view all of the time, on the wall, on a desk, on your PC desktop or in view. It will not just remind you when you specifically look at it but also it will allow your subconscious mind to assist you while its in your peripheral vision!

Visit this wall at least twice a day, spending around 5-minutes per visit visualizing what you want in the future. Try and review each part of the wall, say a sunny beach home, and then shut your eyes and try and use each of your senses to feel, see, touch, smell and hear what it would be like sitting on your front porch in this beautiful new home you have just purchased. See the image in your mind in full color and see yourself in the image with the goal or desire. Breathe deeply and really get absorbed into the dream – believe it.

Each time you visit your Dream Wall you are imprinting upon your brain a positive and clear message of what you want from life. Through repetition this positive habit actually programs the brain with a positive expectation and a clear vision of what you expect from yourself. The brain then goes to work on seeking out and providing you with solutions and strategy’s for achieving what you want. The more you want it, the quicker your brain will find a solution for attainment.

Practice this daily and you’ll amaze yourself at how quickly and easily you can actually achieve your dreams in the real world.

The quickest and most direct route to achieving success is to know what you want out of life and just as importantly when you want it? The Dream Wall emphasizes this and helps keep you focused, true and determined to achieve your deepest desires in life.

Of course this is not a “miracle working” device – you need to do the work, the planning and goal setting to be clear on the “road” to these wonderful goals and to do what you must to achieve them! Below is my post on setting your goals and this should preferably be completed before your Dream Wall.

Set your life goals now to make sure you know what your business needs to deliver to you!

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