A small gift can go a long way…

I was reminded recently that saying “thanks” with the smallest of gifts can really have an impact.

In this case, one of my Stanford teams from last year met up for a dinner and they sprung a surprise on me!

A small but thoughtful gift to say thanks for me helping them with their business plan and pitch to VCs.

As I said to them at the time, this was really fantastic as it’s not often you get any reward or praise for your help as a mentor…and when you do it feels really good!

They had gone to the effort of making this little mug that sits on my desk and that means a lot to me.

You will be surprised how little ideas like this can make people happy, remember you and want to help you…try it in your own life and work and see.

So thanks to my team, we had a blast and they were excellent to work with and got great grades in the Stanford course…what more can you ask for?

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