Want an Angel Investment? this is the video 101

I often get asked about how to raise Angel money and where to start. Well I have written a lot about this in the blog but personally I like learning from AV media more than blog posts so I tracked down this great session between my friends Tina and Mike (and Ron Conway).

This video session doesn’t get any better, this is the 101 you need and it’s only an hour of your time to watch the videos or listen to the podcast.

Now this is very “silicon valley” orientated but it will still work for you wherever you are, indeed this is the gold standard, it will be easier to raise funds in many places outside the valley.



Or listen in here:  Listen to the entire talk

Mike only works a few deals per year and has a team of two, plus he will only work 2 at a time so you need good timing with him as well as being in his sweet spot. Ron does a lot more investing but you really need to be on his radar and also have some network effect to get to him (but a tip is he does a fair few seminars and events where you can get to him by simply walking up and exchanging a card and elevator pitch).

As for the Band of Angels (and other angel groups) we only see 3 deals a month and fund less then 1…so you really need to be on the top of your game to get funded.

This session will help you a great deal and is easy to absorb and understand as you see these guys on video than read a ton of books on the topic!

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