20 lessons from Startup School you should burn into your brain!

Paul Graham, as you may know founded Y combinator and also writes very useful essays on various topics many of which I think are excellent and say so here in this blog.

He really got a double whammy recently when he not only applied his detailed and thoughtful style but had the extra benefit of over 70 startups to tap on the topic of the key lessons or surprising things learned from startups.

This is very useful as it’s really up to date and “live” thinking from a decent sized group where are “doing it” right now. I thought the feedback was great and summarize his excellent post with the top 20, the link below will give you all the detailed learning’s.

1. Be Careful with Cofounders

2. Startups Take Over Your Life

3. It’s an Emotional Roller-coaster

4. It Can Be Fun

5. Persistence Is the Key

6. Think Long-Term

7. Lots of Little Things

8. Start with Something Minimal

9. Engage Users

10. Change Your Idea

11. Don’t Worry about Competitors

12. It’s Hard to Get Users

13. Expect the Worst with Deals

14. Investors Are Clueless

15. You May Have to Play Games

16. Luck Is a Big Factor

17. The Value of Community

18. You Get No Respect

19. Things Change as You Grow

20. The Super-Pattern

Here’s the full post on Paul’s blog.

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