Need to raise a smaller VC round, say 1-2M, see this list

I asked a friend Bill Romans to recommend to me smaller VC funds that like to offer smaller amounts of funding and are happy to work with $1-2M and variations around that level.

These guys are VCs but tend to be more boutique or smaller funds that prefer a smaller round to the bigger names.

These are ideal folks to work with if you are above the Angel threshold in terms of valuation, the amount you need or the need to syndicate a smaller round.

Here’s the list and a good place to start your search:

  • ATA Ventures
  • Blue Run Ventures
  • Catamount Ventures
  • Pacifica Fund
  • Quicksilver Ventures
  • Sippl Macdonald Ventures
  • Startup Capital Ventures
  • Windspeed Ventures
  • Altos Ventures
  • American River Ventures
  • Clearstone
  • Globespan
  • Onset
  • Venio Capital Partners
  • Woodside Fund
  • Intel Capital
  • Maples Investments
  • Gabriel Venture Partners
  • Artiman
  • Incubic
  • Rembrandt
  • True Ventures
  • Horizon Ventures
  • Novus Ventures

It’s probably worth checking out the latest news on the guys at their sites and at the funded ( to ensure there is a fit for your business idea and stage.

I would also check the state of their fund and if they are currently looking at new deals.

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