Tech startup guides…in summary

Writing about “how-to” startup could take 1000s page or just a few. In the last 20+ years of doing this I have learned a lot, mostly through my own dumb mistakes and I would say that again if you had to choose the best advice for a startup success  (non-task related) it would be persistence/determination.

In my book I rate these No.1 in the successful entrepreneurs armory…

So how to “compress” the learnings, well one way is to stick them on a few slides…so here goes. But these examples are just a quick overview not the be all and end all…and they are done by others as you have plenty of my advice in my book!

It’s rare to find a quick summary that resonates but the the very successful guys at Venture Hacks have a nice quick slide show for that makes great reading for tech startups, see what you think:

Another one I really like (not just because of the title):

Again this is for tech startups again, esp. VC backed:

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