CXO Leadership Forum – A great way to learn and connect

I often get asked by friends and mentees in their ventures or working on a startup idea where they can learn more about all the various things CxO’s have to know and also where they can mix with similar people and funding partners.

SVase regularly runs these events in the offices of my Lawyers Montgomery and Co.

Take a look at the calendar here:

The next CXO Forum meeting will be held at 11:30AM on Wednesday, November 12, 2008. The title is The Early Stage First Round-Execution in Raising Money.

The November 12, 2008 CXO Forum will address the following issues:

  • which investors to target;
  • why it’s not “who you know” but “what they know”;
  • do you need an introduction and how do you find one;
  • traction: how much do you need and where can you get it;
  • business plan and financial projections;
  • the key collaterals you need: elevator email, executive summary and first pitch;
  • how to deal with valuation questions;
  • how to deal with exit questions;
  • how to keep the grapes from rotting on the vine;
  • the “CEO” question;
  • how to manage your weaknesses;
  • how to manage your first meeting.

The November CXO Forum will feature a VC with early stage CEO experience, who will review the practical and necessary processes and procedures to raise an early stage first round of funding.

The complete event description is available at:

You can register for this event at:

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