Set your life goals now to make sure you know what your business needs to deliver to you!

Jim Rohn is considered one of the wisest philosophers of our time and rightly so. His advice is a little old style for my liking but his basic ideas reveal many of the universal truths we should all learn and use daily. In particular, he has been quoted to say many times that “he never met a successful person who didn’t have well-defined goals and a game plan to achieve them.”

I think the quotes that say 3% of the entire population that regularly plans and sets life goals is also the same group out of the 3% of the entire population make six figures or more and have a combined net worth of the remaining 97%. 

If you are willing to go along with the basic idea that life and goal planning is better than none, AND you are prepared to both document and consider these goals along with then trying to execute on them then you are probably not just going to be successful based on this simple premise, you will then also fall into another group of people that go beyond dreaming and following on to action!

In my view, it’s not just the goals but the follow-through that is critical to the startling statistics.

So let’s remind ourselves how to do this, how to commit to paper (or a screen) what our future will look like, and then take massive action to make it become a reality!

What are the characteristics of a goal?

Our goal must be specific. You have to have a solid understanding of what it is you want. For example; saying you want to be rich doesn’t make the grade, however declaring you want to have a net worth of $1000,000 and have a monthly income of $50,000 clarifies the goal. Having the exact amount in the goal makes it specific which is one of the requirements of setting a TRUE goal. However, the work doesn’t stop there. In truth, we have just begun.

Our goal must have a why. Why do you want that net worth? Why do you want the recurring income? Is it for charity? Or is it to leave a legacy to your children’s children? Maybe to help your aging parents or take four vacations this year or send your children to the college of choice, not the college you can afford. You have to have your WHY well defined.

Our goal must have a clear deadline attached to it and a date to achieve it. This way you can map it out. And you will be able to monitor your progress. You will know when you are on or off course.

Our goal must be realistic. You should set a goal where you have to stretch a little for it but not set the bar so high you won’t achieve it. You have to set a goal that you have at least a 50-50 chance to attain. Don’t set easy goals, set goals that are going to stretch you, and help you grow. And reward yourself along the way as you reach each step of your goal.

Our goal must be written down. Writing down our goal will help move us into action and more importantly get our subconscious mind working on it. Make sure you also place your list somewhere strategic as a daily reminder to help you focus on where we’re going and how we are going to get there.

Having our unconscious mind working on our goals also helps us manifest our destiny and bring a super boost to the likelihood of success! Personally, I also like to create pictures that help me visualize some of my goals – often called a dream wall – with pictures of happy faces, great times, nice homes, cars, places to visit, things to do, people to emulate, my family and many other things that help remind me daily why I do what I do.

Here are some areas of life we should set our goals:

  • Physical/Health
  • Spiritual/Ethical
  • Family/Home
  • Financial/Career
  • Mental/Educational
  • Social/Cultural

Let’s recap here.

  • A goal must be specific
  • A goal must have a deadline a date to accomplish by
  • A goal must be realistic
  • A goal must be written down
  • A plan and call to action

To enhance this even more try also:

1. Develop a Burning Desire
2. Develop a Strong Belief
3. Write it down
4. List the ways you will benefit from reaching the goal
5. Determine your starting point
6. Set a Deadline
7. List the obstacles real and perceived that lie before you
8. Identify additional information and help you will need
9. Find an Accountability Partner or Partners.
10. Have a written plan of action
11. Use visualizations and affirmations on a daily basis find pictures of your goals and have them on the dream board near your work station, on your refrigerator, or bathroom mirror. Somewhere you will see them on a daily basis.
12. This is the most important….as the great Winston Churchill said; “never, never, never give up.

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