Most Active Angel Investors in the Greater Bay Area

This is an excellent resource for those looking for Angel Capital in the Bay Area, it lists the key groups and some useful metrics.

My advice is to hit the best ones for your idea, I am a member of the Band Of Angels for example and this group is very technology focused so no “sheep farm ideas” here!

Also, note their limits on funding and the stage they prefer.

Keiretsu Forum is an excellent group, well run and very supportive of Entrepreneurs – these guys look at many different types of investments from Real Estate to Software.

Make sure you checkout their web sites and look at their criteria for approaching the group, if you can get an intro in then all the better!

Also, note the costs for pitching and make sure you feel it’s worth the investment.

Take a look and use it as a way to plan your pitching.

Most Active Angel Investors in the Greater Bay Area download pdf

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