Be an entrepreneur, not a wannabepreneur.

Taking The Leap- Don’t Just Be A “Wannabepreneur”

So many people I have met over the years have been ‘wannabe’s’ …they want to be this or that in their dreams or desires but never make the leap from where they are to where they want to be.

Why is this? Well it’s the “horse and the burning barn” theory – A horse would rather run back into a burning barn then run away as it prefers what it knows – better the devil you know etc

Well this is a great instinct in theory – at least you understand the risks and downsides of what you are doing and we all know that fear is simply not knowing.

So of course most people talk about how much they hate what they are doing in their lives but never make the change.

In order to make these changes you need IMPETUS and A BIG MOTIVATION = often this is a PAIN of some sort that reaches a THRESHOLD over which you can make the change. In small decisions these thresholds are usually low but in life changing ones they are necessarily high.

One of the reasons I wrote my book was to help people understand the unknown i.e. becoming an entrepreneur (dispelling the fear and building confidence) and to also look at their lives in detail to help build up and understand the pain points so a threshold could be breached (or not) in order to make the leap.

So if you have the feeling you are fed up and want to make any change, look at the alternatives in detail to remove the fear and then weigh up the pro/cons again detail along with your own unique ‘life vision’ and passions and try and breach the threshold and move the action. If you can’t reach breaking point then you don’t ave enough motivation and can either fix that or use the facts to show that you are actually in the best position for you right now.

In the case of being an Entrepreneur, if you feel in your gut that should be one then take the quiz on my website and check out your personal traits. Then use the materials in the book to build a strong and fact based decision tree that will lead to a dispassionate view as to whether it’s the life for you vs. your long term life vision.

The other big question is – ‘is now the right time’ to do this?

For example in a recent meeting one of my new mentees told me he was about to take the leap but he also told me that he was about to have his first child!!

I asked him to consider the timing issue as both of these events are incredibly time consuming, sleep depriving and emotionally draining – doing them at the same time is just plain dumb.

He decided to put back his big leap until after the baby was 6 months old – a sound decision.

No I do hear that many people will advise to ‘just do it’ when it comes to becoming an entrepreneur and that’s not bad advice for those procrastinating but frankly a little analysis will give the opportunity to pick the best moment to take the leap and not to just do it on impulse!

Why not take a look at the book and see if it can help you make the best decision.

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