If you want to really understand the VC game listen to one entrepreneur: Marc Andreessen

If one person I know really has a great perspective on VC it’s Marc and he has written 3 blog posts on the topic that every startup should read and learn from – they are punchy, unbiased and really on the money:

  1. The truth about venture capitalists, Part 1
  2. The truth about venture capitalists, Part 2
  3. The truth about venture capitalists, Part 3

Take the time to read them all. Marc does the best job of giving you the full low down in 10 mins reading – and having read 100’s pages on the topic and knowing many VCs I can tell you this is time well spent vs. having to follow my example!

In Part 1 he gives you nice intro as to whether you should approaching a VC and all the basics.

In Part 2 – “the real meat and potatoes”:

  • Comparing venture firms, and comparing partners within firms.
  • The VC’s ideal investment.
  • How much help, and what kinds of help, you can expect from your VC.
  • How VC’s spend an awful lot of their time, and why you should feel sorry for them.
  • VCs: soulless and rapacious capitalists, or surprisingly generous philanthropists? Or both?
  • Why we should be thankful that we live in a world in which VCs exist, even if they yell at us during board meetings, assuming they’ll fund our companies at all.
  • And, how to make a VC’s head explode.

Part 3: In in his final post he goes through the VC cycles and some interesting facts about the industry.

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