What's a solopreneur? And are you one…

I always enjoy Guy Kawasaki’s blog and today he has an interesting article dear to my heart and that’s “should I leave my job” and become a solopreneur?

In an useful Q&A with Pamela Skillings around her book “Escape from Corporate America” she confirms many of my own feelings about working out if you can be an entrepreneur (as discussed in my book of the same name).

I particularly agree with:

Question: Why don’t people who are unhappy leave to find something better?

Answer: A lot of people stay stuck in corporate jobs that don’t inspire them because they’re afraid they can’t make “enough” money doing what they love. Others don’t believe that it’s actually possible to love your work, so they try to make the best of a bad situation. Then there are those who are spinning their wheels waiting for epiphanies about their true callings before they make a move.

In many cases it maybe true, at least in the early days to make as much as your boring corporate job but then you have to ask yourself …”if I die tomorrow is it worth wasting my life this way?”

Or maybe use another powerful technique called the “Rocking chair test”. In this case you project forward and imagine your grand kids on your lap and try and tell them what you loved throughout your life and what great things you achieved and contributed.

If you can’t think of anything but “I paid the bills on time” then you might want to re-think what could be an amazing story if you changed now.

That change does not mean being just a “solopreneur” but could simply mean changing direction or employer!

Her book certainly looks interesting and useful, why not check it out.

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