The universal power behind your success…



Yes – contribution!

OK, so what does that mean…well my definition is:

“Giving with no expectation of anything in return”.

So how can “contribution” lead to success?

I know this seems like a long shot or a disconnect, surely its all about being smart and hard working?

Well that depends on what you believe, you still need to do those things but if you think about it whenever you were really helpful and thoughtful about others and helped or gave without looking for a reward – what were the results?

I don’t mean, where the people you helped grateful or appreciative. Can you think back if you did that over a period of time, did life change in any way? Did good things happen to you in an unrelated way? Perhaps some of your goals or dreams came closer, or people came into your life that helped you in some way?

This may all sound odd, or even crazy to you, but this is what happens to me all the time!

I call it the power of the universe – you put in some positive energy and this gets recycled and comes back to you. It has happened to me so much I now believe it.

Before you write me off I have to tell you I am a very logical and sometimes cynical observer of life – I am not a big believer in “mumbo jumbo”, I like to see real results and empirical evidence.

So why do I believe in this seemingly illogical and improbable theory?

Evidence, that’s why, I can’t explain it logically but the more I give the more I get…

When I give or help I do it because I want to and not because I want praise, or money, or recognition or anything. I expect nothing in return.

However, out of no-where, people help me and positive things happen to speed me on my life’s journey…I choose to connect these two things together.

Now, what’s great is that if you have taken the time to create a “life vision” and the associated dreams, goals and outcomes you will find these accelerating the more you contribute to society.

Events, resources and people will help you get towards your dreams without you directly asking them too…your gift will be returned.

How does this help with your success then? – well to me “success” is achieving your life vision and not buying a car or hitting a short term goal.

Again and again I have seen the power of this way of living.

I don’t think you will believe me until you try it…go on just get started helping others with your own unique gift (not money) – this can be giving your time, just simply supporting others – you will know what you can do to help, just try it!

If you do this and then look at the change in your life after a reasonable period, say a few months, see what you notice, how do you feel now, have you noticed others helping you or have you moved along life’s journey faster and with more passion?

Did you notice “odd” changes? – positive things happened to you and people helped you without you specifically requesting them to?

Go ahead…give me the benefit of the doubt and try it.

Be prepared to be amazed.

P.S. Don’t “give to get” (most peoples’ approach) this will not work – you must give selflessly, sometimes anonymously without any expectation of reward.

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One response to “The universal power behind your success…”

  1. Daniel Morin Avatar
    Daniel Morin

    Great article. Creating value to others is a form of contribution to society, and a business creating a lot of value will be successful. The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who contributed the most to society.


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