Want to know the three secrets of winning through the “tough” times?

After over 20 years of entrepreneurship I can tell you that my ability to make it through really touch times and ‘crunch points’ has been the making of me and something I want to share with you.

We all know most people give up a few inches from their goal and there is a reason why…life has this habit of turning up the heat just before you make it. I can’t explain it but it does, no question.

So how can you get through the tough times?

Well my way, after years of practice is a little like the basic tenant of entrepreneurship itself – you have to have faith (among other things)!

OK, that sounds easy right? But when your back is against the wall, you have been working for months under huge pressure, you could go down in flames any minute and you can’t see through the dark to the other side (of your problems and challenges) then what can you do…

Two choices: Give up or shut your eyes and leap!

I have lost count of the times where all looked lost, the money was running out, clients were demanding more, the staff looked like they weren’t going to get paid and the sky was about to fall on my head – sometimes it did but as I got older I started to trust the power of the universe and my inner belief.

Now, I hear you thinking, he’s lost it, the pressures got to him and now he believes in god and shit like that. He has lost all reason and gone nuts…nope, the first time I started to do this I did it out of desperation – I don’t actually believe in religion as in a single god but I do believe in the universe and its power to assist those that call upon it.

Why do I believe in the power of the universe? Because that’s my way of saying that again and again I have felt the power it has brought into manifesting my goals or getting me through tough times or helping through seeming impossible situations…I can’t explain it logically (that’s why I call what I do) but people, money and resources have come to my aid in desperate times so many times now I just believe!

OK – So this happens to you, what now? Here’s what I do:

  • I find a quiet place and try and clear my mind of things like panic, stress and the concerns of others
  • I focus on my goals and what I really want to achieve (often going back to my notes about my life vision and why I am doing what I do)
  • I shut my eyes and try and get a feeling of deep faith “in my body” about what I am doing and that my ’cause’ is right for me and my loved ones
  • I then feel in my body the power to break through all the barriers and get to my goals
  • I commit to carry on until I am dead in the water, no surrender
  • I visualise breaking through and see myself succeeding despite all the odds
  • Sometimes, just sometimes, I grit my teeth and mentally dig in!

This may sound difficult and time consuming and mumbo jumbo but actually it’s easy and fast. But like most things that are very powerful you need to really commit and believe in what you are doing. If you are prepared to try it and see the results for yourself like I have then this will give you the faith you need to keep doing it – it’s that simple – try it and see.

Don’t try and be perfect, don’t try and force it, just try and relax in a quiet place. Then try and quiet your mind and re-focus without any distractions. Calm down, breathe, think clearly and simply about what’s right for you.

Finally, now that you have faith and focus you need to eliminate fear, uncertainty and doubt brought from the past or worrying about the future by living in the “now”. In short:  Keep your ‘eye’ on today and don’t start worrying about tomorrow.

The most famous Roman Consul ever and first to come from the people and not the Roman aristocracy had a great quote that he lived his life by over 2000 years ago: “The art of life is to deal with problems as they arise, rather than destroy one’s spirit by worrying about them too far in advance”

The dictionary defines my three secrets of winning through the “tough” times as:

  • faith: belief that is not based on proof
  • focus: to concentrate attention or energy
  • live in the ‘present’: at this time; at hand; immediate

So, have faith, focus your mind on what you want and believe in and live in the present…go for it and see how it transforms your barriers into bridges!

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