Is an insidious modern illness damaging your performance?

For 15 years I lead a tough life and regularly had incredibly bad stomach pain, fatigue and almost constant flu like symptoms. At first I just put these down to my eighties lifestyle and just tried to ignore the pain and discomfort. Then after a while I went to my doctor and he told me to “stop eating curry for a while” and “take a long holiday”…brilliant advice!

I carried on but it was getting worse, sometimes it was so bad that I had to call out the doctor to have an injection to release my cramping stomach muscles. I went to several more doctors who were all as useless as the first. Another odd symptom was that I craved yeasty drinks like beer, and things like bread, pasta and ‘sugary’ foods*, I found this very scary, something inside me was forcing me to do things…! Finally the very worse thing for me was the constant fatigue, I have a very high energy lifestyle and I kept this up against the issues of being tired all the time…it was the pits.

After over 10 years I got really fed up and started doing some research on all the symptoms which included stomach pain, bloated stomach, gas, constipation followed by diarrohea and flu like symptoms. Now these can easily be associated with diet and the time of year and this is what made it so hard to really diagnose the problem.

Finally, having read several books and searched the Internet I came up with something called “candidiasis” (Candida Albicans) as the cause and went to my doctor of the time and he told me that “only women get that, not you”.

I couldn’t believe it, I had got 5 books on the topic and was sure that was what it was – I had also read that 78% of Americans suffered from the disease but most were totally ignorant of it.

I took matters into my own hands and found an independent test lab and had my blood tested and this helped me find out more. First I found out that I did have a problem with candida, plus also a range of other things like brewers yeast and some temporary intolerances to odd things like tomatoes, white pepper, salmon, rabbit etc.

The benefit of the test was that it was scientific, incontrovertible, and it helped me change my lifestyle and diet to eliminate the problem. Needless to say I have never bothered with Doctors since, I self treated using herbal remedies and cutting out things where there were issues from my diet.

I cut out wheat, dairy, sugar, fruit and range of things I was intolerant too for over a year, and then phased them back in over time. I added Probiotics and took a course of herbal drugs to kill the candida.

 Today I still have to watch what I eat and go through candida treatments to help keep the problem under control once a year but I very rarely have any of the old problems and as a ‘foodie’ I don’t have to compromise my lifestyle as I can easily regulate what I eat to prevent the problem reoccurring now I know what the issues are.

Why bother telling you this story?

A huge number of people have the problem but have no idea they can treat it, or indeed that they have a problem at all. They have regular flu symptoms and work through constant tiredness and illness but can’t easily place the root of the problem.

Now you can easily get your blood tested and check, if this sounds like you then I suggest you get a blood test and find out what the problem is – it has made my life immeasurably better.

This is just another thing you can do to boost your performance and to make you more effective at running your life, you should have your blood tested in my view as you will be amazed at the results and it may change your life for the better like it did for me.

What is candida?

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