What is it with money?

Some years ago I met a very interesting person called Neil Crofts – he was a man on a mission and now he is the thought leader on authentic business. I liked him very much and since then he has had a family, written two books and started a revolution!

He sent me an interesting piece he wrote on money which I thought was fantastic, here is what he sent me:

“Money is an entirely arbitrary human invention. It is no longer linked to the Gold Standard or anything else in most economies. Only 3% of all money in circulation in the UK and similar percentages in most modern economies is actually minted by the Government. The remaining 97% is lent into existence by banks. Inflation is a measure of how fast banks are doing this.

Money was invented as a handy way of exchanging energy between individuals and organisations. Energy is effectively infinite in our universe.

If money is both an entirely arbitrary human invention and a means of exchange of an unlimited resource – why are we so easily convinced that money is scarce?

Why would we believe it when politicians say that there is insufficient money to heal the sick or educate the children?

Why would we believe it when a business says there is insufficient money to pay the workers or to protect the environment?

What these people are saying is that they do not have the energy to do these things. Try it – try replacing the word “money” with the word “energy” when you hear yourself or others saying there is not enough money.

Many of us have also been conditioned to be fearful around money, particularly the perceived lack of it and to believe that money comes from hard work.

How do we continue to believe this when even the most cursory look at the evidence reveals the untruth of it.

Does the average man working in the City of London really work 5 times harder than a nurse, 3 times harder than other men in the UK, or twice as hard as the average woman in the City of London?

Does David Beckham really work nearly 100 times harder than Tony Blair (according to 2005 figures)?

I believe that the real issue is that many of us were taught that we were not competent to evaluate ourselves – that had to be done by an authority figure, a teacher or a boss – and by extension we were not particularly valuable.

The opportunity exists for all of us to understand our true worth and attract all the money we need, to never feel fearful around money and to live in abundance. All we need to do is to evolve our beliefs around money in general and our own worth in particular.”

Don’t you think that when money is converted to “energy” it makes it really easy to think about it in more positive terms and to use it with more respect?

Visit his site here: www.authenticinspiration.co.uk

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