What’s the secret athletes use after a tough competition you can use to boost your performance?

No it’s not some wonder drug nor is it a long and complex set of exercises.

Why should Princess Diana, Kim Bassinger, Goldie Hawn, Demi Moore and literally thousands of ‘beautiful’ people, leading businesspeople, top sports professionals and people from all walks of life swear by it?

You would probably never guess and when you know it’s unlikely you will have heard of it or used the treatment. I found out about it after many years of problems with my stomach and bowels – lots of pain!

I am not unlike many executives, I work long and hard, travel a lot and eat irregularly – or this is how I was for a very long time before I realised it was damaging my health in a serious way. When I mean serious, I mean cancer.

In short, the reason for this post is to let you know about and to encourage you to try a treatment called "colonic irrigation" or Colon hydrotherapy.

Now I can already hear most of you saying ‘oooh’ and ‘no way’ but hear me out.

In my case after 15 years of hard living I found that I was seriously clogged up in my bowels and this was the reason for pain (the doctors had failed to diagnose this) and it was also at a point where I was pre-cancerous and needed urgent help. I am telling you this as this could easily be you and you don’t know it – most of my friends who are busy executives have the same lifestyle as me and many have the same symptoms.

Now the good part is that the treatment sounds a bit scary – essentially having water pumped around your intestines to gently clean them out – but its a simple 1 hour treatment that you can have after periods of high stress or like athletes, when high levels of toxins have built up in your body.

After my initial treatments, I now go every 6 months and this gets rid of all the toxins in my body in 1 hour. Simple and I feel a lot better afterwards.

So I urge you to try it, you may have years of ‘stress build up’ in your body and if it’s good enough for world class athletes why wouldn’t you try it too – after all you are aiming for peak performance and this is a simple, cheap and easy way to de-tox your system.

More about Colonics:
Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, clean and relaxing method of removing toxins and waste from the colon or large intestine. The colon is a repository of all the accumulated waste in the body and research has shown that this can be one of the greatest causes of serious health conditions.

How does colon hydrotherapy work?
A gentle flow of warm, filtered water is instilled into the colon via a pencil thin disposable tube which you self position in total privacy. The water softens and loosens the content of the colon and the waste is expelled easily, comfortably and hygienically. The tube stays in place for the duration of the process.

The benefits:

  • renewed energy & vitality
  • healthy & natural weight loss
  • health maintenance
  • maximises fitness routines
  • helps the body detoxify
  • reduces the effects of ageing
  • healthier, clearer complexion
  • relief from bloating & constipation

If you feel at all below par, if you feel that you are not achieving to your full potential, if tiredness holds you back or if you just want to be the best you can be, then you owe it to yourself to learn more about this amazing therapy which was originally discovered by the ancients, then got swept aside by the preoccupation of modern health practitioners with drugs and surgery, and is now being rapidly ‘rediscovered’ by people in the know everywhere.

To find a therapist try this site:  http://www.colonic-association.com

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