“I don’t have time to read”…you had better make some then!

OK, I am one of those hyper activate people that has literally hundreds of things on the go at the same time.

I have a young family, 3 businesses, staff all over the globe and one hell of a hectic life.

I travel frequently and have an average 12-15 hour day.

I still make the time to read regularly, not the Sunday papers, but useful and inspiring books from poetry to hard core business books. I am constantly looking for new ideas or expanding my mind.

This category is all about books I like, or mini reviews or those I highly recommend that you make the time to read cover to cover.

This is in addition to the lists of books in the main blog itself.

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One response to ““I don’t have time to read”…you had better make some then!”

  1. Jody Avatar

    Great post! There is currently a disuscsion on one of the musical theater educators lists about which MT textbook to use in classes. I assign one written by you the semester after it hit the stands!


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