Mind the equity gap!

Any UK or European Entrepeneur who has raised early stage funding will be well aware of the so called "equity gap", the phenomenon whereby promising, early-stage businesses, struggle to raise private equity capital of under £2 million.

But what are the main causes of this equity gap and what can be done to address them?

Envestors, a funding consultancy that helps match money to entrepreneurs has put together a very useful booklet in answer these questions.

The booklet was formed from a major research project entitled Investigating the Equity Gap™, in conjunction with the Entrepreneurship Centre at the Tanaka Business School, Imperial College and Cranfield Management School.

One of their main findings was that many entrepreneurs are simply unaware of the myriad types and sources of finance available to them. They are also unsure which source is best suited to their business and how to access it.

Get their booklet here: http://www.envestors.co.uk/index.htm

Please note that I have no connection to Envestors nor have I used their services, this is not a recommendation, but they have written a research based guide that I thought was very concise and useful.

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