About Us

My name is Jon Gillespie-Brown. I founded Digital Ventures to help fellow Entrepreneurs. I am an Author, Angel, and CEO with 35 years in Tech.

I have 20+ years of experience writing, mentoring, teaching, and helping students, clients, and mentees at CU Boulder, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and the London Business School.

I am passionate about ‘entrepreneurship’ and love to work in and with Startups as an advisor, coach, and investor.

What We Do

Classroom teaching, one-to-one mentoring, panel judging, board membership, team building, CEO support, and remote lecturing – all for entrepreneurs.

How we do it

We work with people before ideas. We help with coaching, advice, support, and funding for the right teams. We do this in person, on boards, and remotely. We also publish books, courses, and articles to help entrepreneurs grow.

Our Mission

We help our students, mentees, and CEOs align their personal internal landscape, vision, and mission with their business goals and ambitions.