UC Berkeley (HAAS)

Jon was a mentor and judge at the UC Berkeley HAAS School of Business for several years. Jon worked with a range of students helping them shape their ideas, write business plans and prepare for presentations.

Here is what some of the past students and professors have said about him:

Jon has been lecturing in my UC Berkeley Class on entrepreneurship and leadership. His insights and reflections have stimulated excited responses from my undergraduate students. We use Jon’s book, “So you want to be an entrepreneur?” and the students all take the entrepreneur self assessment exam that Jon provides. Jon has been extremely reliable and dedicated to myself and to UC Berkeley. His teaching abilities are top drawer as he stimulated vibrant in class discussions. His frank approach the the trials of being an entrepreneur resonate in the class as his after session conversations with many students demonstrate.

I would highly recommend Jon as a lecturer, as a great mentor for young aspiring entrepreneurs, and as a solid business reference source for insights in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Ron Lesniak,
Teaching Fellow UC Berkeley

“Jon brings a tremendous amount of insight as an entrepreneurship coach.
He helped our startup team navigate the early phases of the venture creation process, guiding us by asking the hard questions, identifying gaps, and consistently giving us honest and direct feedback throughout.”

Vince Wu, Student, University of California, Berkeley – Walter A. Haas School of Business

“Jon’s hard learned lessons as an entrepreneur and his ability to provide honest and sincere feedback have been extremely valuable assets to my Entrepreneurship team at Haas and my learning experience as an Entrepreneur in training. Jon has enabled our team to approach entrepreneurship as it should: a tough battle in which only the smart and well-prepared succeed. Thanks Jon!”

Abhijit Sawant, Software Development Manager / Principal Software Engineer, Wily Technology Division of CA

“Jon taught me a lot about being an entrepreneur. I highly recommend his book “So You Want to be an Entrepreneur?” to anyone thinking about being an entrepreneur.”

Kelly Lu, Student, University of California, Berkeley – Walter A. Haas School of Business