CU Boulder

Jon was an adjunct Professor (Leeds School of Business) and judge/mentor at CU Boulder for several years. Jon taught a range of students helping them shape their ideas, write business plans and prepare for presentations.

Here is what some of the past students have said about him:

Jon understands.

I met Jon through a mentorship program through the University of Colorado Boulder NVC (new venture creation) program. Jon helped mold my concept (gen-z consulting) from the simple idea, all the way to registration and expansion. His insights and true appreciation for people at an individual level have molded who I am today.

I genuinely have such an appreciation and deep-rooted respect not only for his wisdom but for him as a person. He has quickly become a core mentor not only for business but for life as well. He understands the complexity of each life and truly seeks to propel you to be a ‘good human’ before anything else. I will forever be grateful for how he has impacted my life direction and will always value our relationship.

Eli Stone

“Now that graduation has passed, and I’ve had a moment to reflect upon my collegiate experience, the majors and minors I’ve obtained, and how my perspective has evolved over the four years, I wanted to reach out and personally thank you. When I began you class in January, I had just gone through the most intense break-up of my life, let alone college, and getting to explore a new interest of mine in your class really helped my self-image and pushed me to grow in ways that made me view myself in a new motivational light. I have to say that this was due to your class, your teaching methods, your obvious and intense care for your students, and your passion for the subject itself. This class has honestly been my favorite course of all of college, even as a die-hard science lover. You showed me a whole new side of what adulthood could look like, being the leader and growing your own dreams bigger and bigger, reaching seemingly impossible goals, and focusing intensely on self improvement.

I can’t thank you enough for the motivation, inspiration, connections, and opportunities you’ve given me, especially with the Startup Idea Competition and the Nalpieron Internship. Getting to work with you, getting to know you, and understanding your thought processes around your goals and achieving them in ways you may not have originally planned on showed me a whole new perspective of planning out my career. I don’t feel this overwhelming need to follow a strict path without deviation to succeed, I can now view failures not as a setback, but as a learning opportunity to improve and enhance the next trials, in science, business, relationships, and life in general. I hope to stay in contact with you, especially through my Nalpeiron internship this summer (thank you again, by the way), and when I attempt my own startups in the next couple years before deciding if I go back to graduate school for more neuroscience. Thank you again for inspiring me to be a better student, outside-the-box thinker, future entrepreneur, scientist, and person. You’ve given me unforgettable experiences in class and invaluable lessons in self image and esteem.

Thank you again, for everything this year. You really helped change a terrible start into a strong, confident, happy, inspirational finish to my undergraduate years”

Xander Kahn

“I wanted to thank you for this past semester and the incredible experience I’ve gained from your course. As mentioned by many of my peers, this was one of the best courses I’ve taken through my college career and I am actively applying this knowledge into many different projects!”

Kylie Buchen

I wanted to reach out and say thank you for the great innovation and entrepreneurship class that you led. It was an awesome learning experience and most importantly I appreciate the network I have grown through it. One of my mentors Wylie Nelson reached out to me about a potential job with someone in his network and although I have just accepted a different offer, I spoke with him today and he gave me some great advice and offered to put me in touch with some people in Austin as I start my career. I am very grateful that you led the class in a realistic way and gave us the opportunity to connect with some awesome people and mentors like Wylie and yourself! I wish you well and thanks again for leading the best class of my college career.

Best, Winston Fremgen